Crossing Oceans in Small Boats

As someone with fibromyalgia, crossing an ocean is a journey I’m unlikely ever to take, and quite honestly, I’m not sure I’d want to. As romantic and adventurous as an ocean crossing can sound, it’s unlikely that my health would ever allow me to get the extended sailing experience I would need to safely make such a journey. That, and my hubby Greg (the only crew member I’d trust) says, “I will never want to do that.” Oh, and there’s my mom, who said last Christmas, “Stop putting those ocean crossing books on your wishlist, I will never buy those, I don’t want you getting any ideas.” Too late, Mom!

All that said, it’s fun to think about! And I like to collect information. The more links I save, the longer my bookmarks file gets, so I’m putting them here instead, to share the wealth with other armchair ocean-crossers.

Choosing your small boat:

Small boats on big journeys:

Preparing for your journey:


Not about a small boat, but still worth a read…..