Ham Radio

Yellow Baofeng UV-5R

My first radio, after getting my Tech ticket, was this little beast. A Baofeng UV-5R.

I got my General ticket in October of 2013. I found ham radio intimidating at first, and I still struggle with feeling overwhelmed, but the key is finding a nice group of folks to help you.

In my case, that’s the Seattle-area operators (and a few more distant voices) who check in to the PSRG 9 o’clock net. I learn a lot through this friendly group, and they’re always willing to help out with technical questions. It’s made all the difference.

My current ham radio activities:

  • I organize The Juliets, a ham radio group for women in the Puget Sound.
  • I volunteer as an emergency radio operator for the Seattle Auxiliary Communications Service. It’s a great organization, and being a volunteer gives you access to a diverse and interesting array of educational opportunities. I’d recommend this experience to any ham, new or not.

My current radios: