Moving Sewbiwan home

Hey everyone! I’ve moved my Sewbiwan blog, to my personal domain: It’s a personally significant move that I’m so happy I finally made.

I bought my name domain many years ago, but instead of using it, I hoarded it. “Someday I’ll use it for…….”, insert some professional website or blog that I would someday make. Someday I’ll go back to school and have a career and use my name domain for that. Someday when I’ve accomplished something, when I’ve done something with myself, I’ll use this domain.

I’m middle-aged, and constantly frustrated that I haven’t finished my degree or been able to work for any significant length of time. There are good reasons. I’ve spent the last twenty years dealing with a frustrating soup of severe chronic illness, panic, anxiety, and ADD. It’s made the career-growing side of life challenging, to say the least. I still hope to create a working life for myself at some point, but I don’t know what that will look like, yet. What I do know, is that I’m ready to move to my “home” site, even if my work isn’t ready yet.

I had a birthday a few weeks ago, and it inspired me to look back on the last 44 years. No, I haven’t built a career, but I’ve built a good life. I don’t give myself enough credit for that. I’ve helped raise two amazing kids. I’ve co-nurtured a wonderful 23-year marriage that is still going strong. I’ve learned to sail, to sew my own clothes, take photos, to dye cloth, play the ukulele pretty well, the guitar and pennywhistle a little, to knit socks and hats, to spin wool on a wheel. For a short time, until my body told me no, I got to work at my favorite travel bag company. I’m almost finished with a yoga teacher training program, and in November I’ll finish the first level of iRest meditation training. I worked as an oncology massage therapist. I’ve volunteered with cancer patients. I’m learning about herbal medicine. I’ve gotten to travel a little. I’ve had some pretty great adventures even though I was sick. I have family and friends who I love, and who love me back – including two beloved doggos.

I’ve done all this while being in a lot of pain, and often a lot of anxiety, and in posession of essentially zero executive function. This is a real accomplishment.

I still can’t believe I sold the beast, but I did! It’s become too painful to play an instrument on one side of the body like that. So, I sold my violin and my Irish flute. And….bought a baritone ukulele. Hey, I only had tenors!

We’re moving in a few months, and I’ve become quietly obsessed with making my minimalist dreams come true. I don’t want a hugely stressful move (we’ve done several of those). Any move will be stressful. It’s the “hugely” I’m attempting to avoid. To accomplish that, we need to get rid of as much as possible. Greg feels the same way. At first it was just about physical stuff, but soon I could feel the psychic weight of all the unfinished projects and excess “stuff” in my digital world as well.

Case in point: I have a lot of domain names that are just parked mental projects for future ideas and dreams. They weigh on my mind, and over the course of a year, parking that many domains isn’t cheap.  Sewbiwan was fun to use, but my preference has always been to get rid of everything and just use my name as my home online.

So, I finally did it. It won’t mean much to the few people who read this blog. I’m not a company (which is why I didn’t use the .com, although that domain points to this one). I’m just a person. My friend Pam, who works at WordPress and helped me make this move through her herculean awesomeness (Thanks, Pam!), moved all the subscriber info to this blog so no one who is subscribed will miss anything. In reality, nothing much has changed. But for me, this was a significant thing.

So, for future reference: is what you’re reading right now: my blog for friends and family. Here you’ll find sewing projects, pictures of the dogs, and other fun miscellany. is the spot where I will eventually put information about iRest classes I hope to teach in Eugene in a year or so. Right now it’s just a parking space, and I made it private since there isn’t any content.

Sewbiwan and all its posts are here, moved completely over. The domain points here, and will until it eventually expires, along with many other domains (more than I want to admit to!).

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  1. Congrats on your e-move! When I read the subject heading I opened it, eager to find out what you had decided for your move away from Seattle. At the end I see that you say you hope to teach classes in Eugene next year….sooooooo…..ta daaaa…its Eugene?!!! (maybe you posted about this choice and I missed it..anyway) Yayyyyyy!!! I’m so happy for this. Let’s have tea when you get settled. I’m so looking forward to getting to know you nearby. Take care of yourself and may all your moves be the smoothest ever.


    • Thanks, Cada! And heck yeah, I’m going to be calling you up when we get there. 🙂 I’m always saying how great it is that we have some community already there. Tea sounds lovely. We’re moving the first part of March of 2019. Only 6 months away! We’re moving into a rental for a year while our cohousing gets built, and then we’ll move in there, and be right along the river, where hopefully my brain and body can just heal up.


  2. Happy for you! “Done is better than perfect” should be your new mantra. It’s much better to get rid of all the things unnecessarily causing anxiety and stress.


    • Awww, thank you! Done IS better than perfect, yes. Wow. You’re right, I’m putting that on my wall.

      And getting out of my chair right now to go put something else in a give-away box! 🙂


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